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All the information you are looking for on essays is right here. I have listed some tips to help get you started on the Descriptive essay and Narration Essay. I will be putting other essays on here as soon as possible. Don't forget that I update this site daily so be sure to bookmark this site and check back often. I am constantly working on it so you should have what you need very soon. If you can't wait feel free to contact me with any questions you have and I will answer promptly. Just keep scrolling down to access the different types of essays and the help I can offer you.

Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics are ones that generally describe something. When trying to pick from a list of descriptive essay topics you should take care in choosing a topic that you are familar with. For example, if you are trying to choose from the list of descriptive essay topics below and you really aren't familar with a picture in a museum, you may want to try to select another topic. It would make for a lot better writing if you were to choose something from the list of descriptive essay topics that you are familar with. If you notice for my descriptive essay I chose a family vacation that I took as a kid to Dollywood. It is a topic that I am familar with, having went on many vacations as a child. For you, choosing a topic from the list of descriptive essay topics may be easy or hard. You may not have went on any vacations as a child or you don't have a favorite holiday or somthing to that nature. You may want to look at the list of descriptive essay topics and find somthing that you do know about. Just remember that you will be using the five senses to write your paper. Remember your reader should be able to hear the sounds that you hear, see what you see, taste what you taste, smell what you smelland feel what you feel, all in their minds as they are reading. So if you are ready to get started scroll down and check out the list of descriptive essay topics. If you cannot find a topic and need help I will be glad to assist you in any way I can. Just contact me and I will respond promptly. I will be adding to the list of descriptive essay topics as soon as I get everything in order.

Describe one of the following:

A family vacation you went on

A picture in a museum

The birth of a child

Your favorite place to be alone and why

Your favorite holiday and why

A favorite item of clothing

School as a young child might see it

A hospital stay or visit

A coffee shop, bus station, news stand, or some other small place

A parade or victory celebration

Your favorite food

The junk drawer at your house

Favorite kind of plant or flower

A member of your family

A good looking man or woman(celebrity or otherwise)

The student lounge at your school

Once in a lifetime event

A near death experience

The inside of a cave, boat, car, etc.

Any person you know well, such as:best friend

Somthing you have that you could not live without

This is just a few descripitve essay topics to get you thinking about what or whom you would like to describe in your essay. CLICK HERE to see an example.

Narration Essay Topics

Narration Essay Topics can sometimes be hard to choose from. Most of us are natural story tellers, and loving telling stories. We have had a few exciting events happen to us, and for us it is easy to make a list of narration essay topics. You should begin your list of narration essay topics by writing down any personal stories that pop into your head. With the narration essay you are in control. You choose how you want to affect your reader. Do you want to entertain your reader? Do you want to inform your reader? What is it you are going to tell a story about? It is best if you stick to the personal stories in your list of narration essay topics. Personal stories are far easier to write than something made up or imaginary. Which by the way is an option if you take a look at the list of narration essay topics I have provided below you will see that you can make up your own fairy tale or rewrite a fairy tale in your own words. It is really just up to you how you want to do it, but for me I do better writing from personal experience. Below you will find a list of narration essay topics. You do not have to choose one of these topics they are merely to get you thinking about what it is you are going to write about. It always helps me if I make a list of things that I could possibly write about. That way if I get stuck on something I can go to my list of narration essay topics and pick out something else to write about. Hopefully you will settle on one topic that you are comfortable with and begin writing your narration essay.

2.)Taking your children out to eat

3.)Somthing that made you believe in fate

4.)Your best or worst day

5.)A major decision you have made

6.)Your learning experience

7.)A near death experience

8.)Your first date, kiss, day in college, etc.

10.)A made up fairy tale

11.)A painful experience

13.)A family holiday or event

14.)An act of heroism

15.)A bad confrontation

16.)An imaginary meeting with a celebrity

Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate why your point is correct.

Use transitional expressions when illustrating a point:

For instance, For example, An illustration of this, A case in point, To illustrate, Another instance, example, etc.

Drug and alchol abuse is (or is not) a serious problem among many young people

Children today are not encouraged to use their imaginations

The worst kind of hypocrite is a religous hypocrite

The best things in life are defenatly not free

A part-time job is an important experience that every college student should have

The internet has resulted in a generation of lazy people

Today, sales people act as if they are doing you a favor by taking your money

You can tell a lot about people by the way they dress and what they eat

A lot of Americans are overly concerned(or unconcerned) about physical fitness

Some teachers seem to enjoy turning test into major events

Some of the best presents are thos that cost the least

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