Ivy League Essays - The Process

Ivy League Essays

The Process

We pride ourselves on writing personalized college and high school term papers and essays. We do it with service, speed, and most importantly, stellar writing .

No two papers are alike. YOU give us the topic, YOU tell us the rules and WE get you a grade that can HELP YOU get back on track.

1. You're a busy dude/lady. You need to write a paper/essay/thesis on a certain topic (i.e. the effect of advertisement on American youth). It's due next week.

2. Fill out the order form (at the top of the screen), send us an e-mail, or give us a call. Be prepared to answer these following questions:

-special rules and considerations?

A quote will be given within 2 hours.

One major factor that affects the price quote:

Time. We work around THREE (3) days in advance. As long as you let us know within three days of the due date of your paper, you will have the MINIMUM price quoted, in terms of time. TWO day and overnight papers are quoted higher.

3. (OPTIONAL) Meet one of our writers to look over credentials , look over previous projects our writers have worked on, and get a sense of what our Ivy League educated writer has already done, and what he or she can do for you.

If you choose to skip step 3, we will communicate through the power of e-mail and instant messenger.

4. Choosing us. We take pride in being the most effective and honest group in the business. However, we’ve been burned before. We require a 50% deposit of the quoted price for our writers to commence on your personalized project.

6. Paper is finished. We can drop it off personally, in the Queens and Manhattan areas, or we can do a safe and secure exchange through Paypal.

7. Payment. Our process is simple, safe and effective. We send over the first few pages of the paper for you to review. Once you approve the writing style, substance and quality (which is of the utmost!), you send us a partial payment through paypal. In the case of online payment, the exchange would work like this:

For a ten page paper, quoted at 200 dollars.

Deposit: 100 Dollars, paid at start.

Paper complete. First 2.5 pages sent!

Payment 1: 25 Dollars, paid.

Second 2.5 pages sent!

Payment 2: 25 Dollars, paid.

Third 2.5 pages sent!

Payment 3: 25 Dollars, paid.

Fourth 2.5 pages sent! Entire paper sent as Word document.

Payment 4: Balance of 25 dollars, paid.

Simple and safe!

8. Tell your friends! about our service, professionalism, and quality of writing! Get a 10 dollar COUPON for every referral you send our way!

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