Thesis Writing Services

Thesis Writing Services

To assist you with the thesis writing process we have experts from every academic discipline who are able to provide a range of services including:

Research Topic: We can assist in the identification, development, and refinement of an appropriate research topic that can be used as the basis of your thesis, taking into consideration the available resources and your own motivations and objectives.

Preliminary Literature Review: At this stage it is important to know what literature is available, what research has already been done in your topic area, and how your research will fit into the existing research.

Thesis Proposal: This step requires the structuring of a thesis proposal outlining the thesis topic, scope of the literature review, methodology and research design, resources, and time frame.

Abstract: The abstract provides an opportunity to present a snapshot of the research project. In one brief paragraph the totality of the research project must be presented in such a way that the reader understands the scope and outcome of the project and develops the interest to find out more.

Introduction: The introduction lays the ground for the reader to understand what it is you are discussing, why you are discussing it, and what you hope to achieve by this. An expertly written introduction can influence an examiner's perception of the thesis and affect the outcome of the examination

Literature Review: This extends on the work done for the preliminary literature review, with increased scope and more intensive analysis and presentation of relevant texts and research.

Methodology: Selecting and implementing a methodology can depend on the type of research being undertaken. We have experts available to guide you in the development of all types of qualitative and quantitative research. This section contains the major contribution you will make through independent research, and appropriate assistance can be invaluable for this task.

Data Analysis: The analysis of your collected data will depend on your research design and methodology. We are able to provide assistance in all areas of data analysis including the use of tools such as NUD*IST and SPSS.

Conclusion: The conclusion works similarly to the introduction, using hindsight instead of foresight, in providing a summary of the main points of the thesis, what the research was intended to achieve, and how well this was accomplished. An expertly written conclusion can have a major influence over the examiner's perceptions of the research project.

Recommendations: As an extension of the conclusion, the recommendations also provide the examiner with a greater understanding of the implications of your research. Properly written recommendations can have a profound impact on how an examiner evaluates a piece of research.

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